Sunday, August 28, 2011

With Poll Numbers Tanking, Obama Comes Up With a ‘Shady’ Jobs Plan Posted by: Nicole CultLeader

We have a shiny new Submission by the great Know It All Tattler who can dig in there and get the Oval Office Scoop!
Only the Facts, Folks!

Obummer and an "Aide" converse on his ::cough cough:: accomplishments.

Aide to Obumming: What did you accomplish in Chicago again Mr. President?
Obomber: I just did what Queen Sarah did or wanted to uh... she's got hawt legs!
Aide to O'boy: You suck. Sarah Palin Rocks and Rolls.
O'darn it: Yes she rules. I thank her for everything I coulda shoulda done.
I shall apologize to her and the American People el Pronto!
My shame is great!

His New Speech:
I like trees. Sarah has shiny legs. Sarah is a soothsayer. Trust her not me. Sarah Pain will save us all.



Hell yeah! Death Panels and Taxes. Sarah Palin is All Knowing!


I worked during watergate and was in deep throat. Remember??


America hurts, bleeds, is scarred. Thanks Obamamma! We Bleed!


Don't worry Groupie Poopie. Rise of the Calvary! (I'm single)


Charlie Brown to your Lucy! It's like a Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit edition. 160M PH fast ball! You crack my crack!

vorlath the terrible

Obalmy will grow a styrofoam pyramid!


Nicole Cultleader keeps us informed! Hail to the Cult!


Our sad, sad President. Bloomberg hates clergy. The Anchoress is almost 100% Palin Power!
Trust no one!

Caged InLady

I want what your smokin' ! I like snitches!
(like my new avatar? Boobs for Palin! Yeah Babe! - and yes I am really in a cage!)

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