Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chuck Heath Slams Joe McGinniss and Random House For Publishing What McGinniss Admitted Were Lies in His E-mail/Open Thread by Iam Lazee

- Update
I was alerted to the fact the statement was made by Chuck Jr rather than Sr.
We can add one more member of the Palin Clan who lost sleep over "the book".

Calm down folks! Actually, don't!
This OPEN thread is for you to speak your peace, swing your fists, just get down right hostile!

Madame President's clan has been viciously victimized yet again.
Bristol and her dear old Dad.

Let us address Chuck Heath first.

I know we immediately shut down all comments regarding this scandalous book when Todd made a statement.
We can sit still no longer.
"Hottest Governor" T-shirt wearing Daddy Heath has spoken.
You now have permission:

A little background.
Joe McGinnis accuses Chuck Heath of a few intolerable, disgusting deeds.

- Queen Sarah, as blossoming youth, paraded around in the nude on overnight field trips.
Her classmates assumed her Father had taught her one must remove all clothing - even underwear - in the evenings. One must air out the body and be completely naked at night. They must also sleep completely nude.

- Chuck Heath did all he could to prevent a teacher from getting fired for molesting 17 third grade girls.
"Chuck Heath protested against dismissal of school principal Ray Carter who protected pedophile teacher"
"...allegations that another teacher had molested as many as 17 girls in his Grade 3 class"

Chuck Heath defends himself:
Breitbart’s website has Chuck’s statement:

The McGinniss book is filled with one lie after another. The final straw for me was when I learned that he used me as a source for his lies about my sister and brother-in-law’s marriage. He included in his book comments falsely attributed to me by one of his unnamed sources. Neither McGinniss nor Crown/Random House reached out to me to verify, or even comment on, this alleged hearsay from an unnamed source. They just ran with it, and as a consequence, the tabloids picked it up and used it to fuel false rumors about my sister getting a divorce. All of this is a total lie, and I’m sick of seeing my sister, her family, and our extended family being trashed by smear-merchants like Joe McGinniss and his publisher.

If that doesn't make your blood boil- sweet, vulnerable Bristol was ATTACKED like a mad dog.

Bristol is seen riding a mechanical bull amidst cat calls giggling her little heart out. A horrible hater calls her mom an Evil Whore! Our sweet, moral Bristol storms past everyone in the BAR, shoving people out of the way in order to get inches from this man's face. Lots of screaming and finger pointing from our girl, Bristol! A must see!


Bristol attacks back on her Public Figure Face Book Page. She was so upset he called her mom "evil" that she decides to call him "evil". Way to go! Following in the footsteps of Our Blessed Holy Sarah who called Keith O. "evil". Evil! They are ALL evil!

What else is going on today?



Lou Makin' Welts

Joey Pervert McKinky! Those Heaths hunt that!


I am completely surrounded by wives, sons, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, store clerks, gas pumpers, bread deliverers, mail men, circus performers, skiers who all think I am ridiculous because I am in love with Sarah.
You all are my only outlet.
Thank goodness for See4Pee.
Give it up to those who PEE!

Luvin' the Guv

I'm all alone, too.

Jasmine's Bark

I don't talk to anyone in real life either :'(

pg gropes things

Well, you ARE ridiculous until right and then prebusent. There is NO in between.
Just remember no one believed Noah!


Palins4America starting a web war, too bad.

I'm Frank

A carrot stick could beat Obama.


This low life bar dwelling scum loves abortions. I wish HE were aborted! ::Grunt::


He was in a porno flick?!? Which one? Tell me now!


Bristol standing up to a Militant Homo. God I love her.

William Van Packard Jeremiah Wyatt Henley

We are on a mission. We cannot look left, right, ahead, or behind.
We cannot pay attention. Sarah 100% Support!

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