Saturday, September 3, 2011

Like a Family Reunion — Sarah and Todd Rock the C4P Meet-Up; Updated by Nicole CultLeader

Oh boy! OOOOH Boy!
I keep choking on my own spit!

I mean, I totally wasn't even going to make this trip! A 16-hour drive and my bum was numb but it was worth minglin' with fellow "would sacrifice my first born for her" groupies!
But I did it! Ohhh Boy!

I nestled down at the Machine Shredder and who waltzes in?
None other than OUR HIGHNESS, Sarah ::gasp! cough! dang spit!:: Sarah and the Dude!
I wrote a little diddy

Sarah and the Dude
Sarah and the Dude
I hugged the Sarah
I hand shaked with the Dude

It was all just so ELECTRIC!
Cameras were aflashin' and pencils just a writin' as the crowd grew to a massive state!
Dozens I tell you!
That is 12 x a number more than 1!
It was diverse! Not just a bunch of old whiteys!
Take that you who call us racists!

So, in the side door Sarah and the Dude flew in walking right past ME!!
She was Strong, Tanned, Healthy as an OX!

A few of us were whispering about the missing wedding ring.
Oh no Sarah, say it isn't so Joe!
But she quickly assured us it was in just crammed deep in her pocket (maybe she thought one of us would steal it!) Can't shake all these eager hands with some silly old wedding ring on!! I mean we ALL know she shakes hands with her LEFT hand, duh!
Ha ha we doubted our Queen! But only for a second!
She ALWAYS has excuses!
We love her so!

When I told her I was from Hershey, Penn her eyes lit up - She wanted some chocolate!
To gobble down some chocolate right then and there.
I know she loves s'mores. I'm still kickin' myself for not whipping up a batch just for her!
She LOVES all sorts of sweet fatty treats!

As I go off to sleep I'll be dreaming of the missing wedding band, Sarah gorging on fatty sweet treats, the crowd of dozens and my new giant family from the Sea
..all 4 Pee and Pee for all!
UPDATE! by Ron Dorito (Us4Pee)

The Machine Shredder was packed tonight with all those who love our girl Sarah.
Sarah and Todd entered as the crowd chanted
"Run Sarah! Run like the wind! Run away! Run Forest, Run!"

She shook hands, hugged and just plain BONDED with all of us.
She signed shirts, books and body limbs.

I got serious and looked her square in the eye.
I said, "Sarah! Take New York! Take it All! Do it for all the Women in the World!"

She didn't respond back, actually didn't even acknowledge what I said
but I got a HUG!
Feeling her heaving buxom bosom, our hearts beating as one the Dude broke us up to give me a Grizzly Adams hand shake and winked at me to tone it down buddy! Haw it was great!

I made a 21 minute 1080p HD video of this BONDING session. We BONDED.
Lots of BONDAGE going on!

Check back soon! May this night live on in my memory forever!


"Palin mobbed despite best efforts of staff to get people seated."
Hell Yeah! That's how we roll!

LadyJohn - single hit me up - Norton

But she's the blood kinda thing! We can't help ourselves! haw haw...

just kuz

Hot Damn! Sarah looks FINE in a pair of Jeans!
Take that BachMANN! Now tell me who's the more qualified candidate? U huh!


Whoa! Ya'll knocked me down and I can't get up!


You know, Queen Sarah is so good with babies sure wish they could vote!
If only naive unformed infant brains could vote! It would be a landslide!

Daniel son

**Sigh** sure wish I coulda been there
(hoppin' in a cold shower now)


Yeah, sure know whatcha mean Daniel. I'll join you in that shower!


Just watched the Undefeated flick with my Wife (yeah, I have a Wife)
and then log on and see this!
OH MY GOD! A movie and then seeing ya'll bosom to bosom with our gal!
Dear God she is the right leader for our country at this crucial time.
My eyes have been opened.


Stumbled across this Newsweek photo of our Queen next to crazy eyed Bachmann
No doubt who'd I vote for!
It's all in the magazine covers folks! Nothing else matters!


Let's face it Sarah can take a photo! Don't rock knock or clock a rock I tell ya!


Whoa! A dude got a tattoo!
That is true love right there.
See any Obama signature tattoos around?
Exactly! She's got my vote fer sure!


I feel real confident she's gonna announce from her kitchen table.


Heyo everyone! I WAS there! and I am PSYCHOED!
Got to the Shredder early with Sea4Pee folk slinking around like snakes.
Then in comes Sarah. Fireworks! People goin' nutso! She's BaaaAAACK!
I got to sit next to Toad and I SWEAR he tried to touch my leg!
Bodies were signed and then POOF she was gone! Double Wowzer!

Hyman Ripped

I hate FOX.

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