Saturday, October 8, 2011

Betrayed! a guest submission by palintoes

Sarah Palin is unable to run for President.
Her ONLY calling in life.

The ultimate Betrayal!

It is no mystery Barack Hussein Obama has relentlessly attack Madame Governor Palin.
The media, journalists, bloggers, and even some of her devoted fans - right here, on this blog.

But now it's her very own kids.

One by one they have failed her.
After all she has done for them.
All the heartache and pleads to God for their health and wellness.
The "Palin Kids" have turned on their mother!

It just makes me sick!

She's the slickest out of the bunch. She should of never been trusted.
Lemonade stands, pigtails, waving for the camera?
All a ploy!

Levi and Bristol showed their true colors in no time.
Soon after the '08 election both pursued their sexual fantasies.
These young people are sick!

First born son. Just heart breaking.
Premarital SEX to top it off! Oh the SHAME!

No surprise here. She was never there for her mom. Ever.

Even her dad got a good swipe in there.
Couldn't even wait for the privacy of home to grab Ms. Heath's buttocks!
This was on Sarah's book tour!

Her youngest brings the most sorrow but we should of seen it all along.
NOT to be trusted!

I'd love to share that her love story hubby stood by her side.
Her Rock. Her Post.
He has chosen the wayward, path of temptation.
Her own husband ripped from her from his very side where she clung.
30 years of marriage.. does it not mean anything TODD?

Sarah Palin IS the next President of the United States of America under God Almighty with Eagles flying overhead and Patriots rising up.. but one woman can not do it alone.

Had she chosen her true calling, her campaign would of been an utter failure.
Thanks to her deceiving family.

That is why we must not also turn our backs on this loving, patriotic woman.
We must stand by her side through hell and high water.
We must keep Sea4Peeing alive and strong. Her solid backbone.

We can no longer trust her PAC. Even she said she was not in control of it.
Who is? More deceiving, evil minded thieves?

She is about to partake in a lonesome journey without any support.
We must be her support.
We must GIVE directly to her! Sign all checks directly to the pay of Sarah Heath Palin!
Better yet - SEND COLD HARD CASH directly to her home.

Make sure the envelope is addressed to her, and her only. NOT to the PALIN Family!!
I'm sure her kids are watching out the window for the mail deliverer so they can race out the door and snatch all her hard earned earnings all for their greedy little selves!
Be sly, be sneaky, be wise to their tricks!!
Make the return address something that will throw them off.
From: Kathy Griffin, Levi Johnston, the Electric Company, Bristol's credit card company...
anything they wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

They may collect it with their own slick mail but will only toss it in a heap of "Crap for Mom".

Weary Sarah, after being up all night relentlessly tapping out political strategies for our great nation, will stare at her "Crap for Mom" pile.. with tears in her tired eyes open each one.
WADS of cash!
We can provide that one little glimmer of hope she so desperately deserves.

Are ya in?
Sarah Palin WILL rise again!

Madame Sarah needs no one!
She does just fine by herself.
Keep flooding her with money so she can continue to thrive!


  1. This is a stunning collection of photographs.

  2. WOT!!

    Am I Lust? I mean where did this singing dream that is the real Sarah Palin intersite spring out? is this the brainchild of the our servant in nobility the RAM? Or another beloved stepchild of the spotless Grizzly herself Madam Palin, always changing her stripes!

    Sarah, if you are behind this, I stand up for and will also sit in here for all times! I must have you no, that I continue fanning your starry brow while deeply bowing and facing away in respect! 4ever!!

    In collapse, I am still your own slave of the superior mind set that is The Governator! (not Arnold).

    Simply then know matter wot, I still love you and Jesus together, and my cash donation is in the unmarked, unaddressed package as asked and dropped in US mail this mornign!!

    Sarah Smiles in my heart as B4 X 4ever,


  3. That baby is going to bite Her Magnificence then pull her wig off.
    Good baby . . . . .