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Governor Palin Talks to Sean Hannity/Open Thread

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So, what else is going on today?
I’d like to see this as momentum for the “reconsider” crowd: “And there’s always the possibly that one of the ‘out’ candidates — even Sarah Palin — steps back into the ring, electrifying the anti-Mitt crowd"
She's in people, so in.

If you read this article with blinders on, one could easily spin that even the urban Philadelphia Magazine concedes “maybe Sarah Palin was right about death panels.”
I said "Maybe"....

Governor Brewer’s new book, Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border, is out on October 25th and Governor Palin wrote the forward for the book, “calling Brewer a straight-talker who does what she believes is right even when it’s difficult.”

Don't start with the anger again. Madame Governor could not do what is right and run for President because her difficulties far exceed anything any of you could fathom.
Quit putting yourself on her level.

Onto her interview on Hannity.

Full transcript:

HANNITY: All right. Joining me now with the latest on the 2012 presidential race, former Alaska governor, Fox News contributor, Former almost Presidential Candidate, Former Runner Up Beauty Queen, Sarah Palin is back.

Governor! So good to see you. My your kitchen looks cozy and safe.
How's it feel to be responsibility free these days, Governor?

I mean, what a life! Sure wish I could hold my job from my kitchen table... heck! only have to show up every few weeks and still get paid a boat load! Must be nice, eh?

SARAH PALIN, FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: Good to see you too, Sean, and quit with the Kitchen safety net crap.. Greta already went there.
Sheez.. everyone is so jealous of me!

HANNITY: All right. Before we get to that, let's start with the death of Qaddafi today. It's gonna be far worse in the end, Governor. Do you perceive the same?

PALIN: Well, certainly we must cognac this revolving situation. The tyrant is gone, yes, BUT! what about those tribal islamists ? Did Obama think of that?
Hey, so it's so iconic, Sean, that those lefties had a beef with the late great Ronald Reagan, who people liken me, too, you know. Great hair, TV star,
.. I rode horseback, too. The real Lone Ranger.
Heck, I think the Lone ranger will be the title of my new book! Whatcha think? Haw!
So that criminal act happened and now Obama is all super cool and important.
Inconsistencies there now, Sean. Hypocrisy from those lefties.
I bet they even write left handed, too, therefore.
But anyway, yeah Qaddafi is dead. But there's always a revolving door. Got stuck in one once! Haw!

HANNITY: Yeah, Governor. I hear you. George Bush was also slammed. Obama was just, once again, going above and beyond what his authority entails.

PALIN: Yeah, so inconsistencies and murky waters, Sean. White House mumbo jumbo.
Business as usual! Lame Ducks all in a row! Ron Paul is at least trying to keep Obama sticking to the law.
You know Obama needs to be mighty careful, now, Sean.
Trying to interject himself in national affairs.. who does he think he is?

HANNITY: So Herman Cain. Or Herb.. so cute Governor. Herb the Ice Cream flavor of the month. You got 'em there Governor. So he's leading the team of GOP candidates.
Think he can sustain this rise?

PALIN: Oh yeah. See, he's not a politician. I mean he wants to be a politician, running for office, and all but he's still not. Who needs politicians?
He's rolling some balls, Sean. Balls and shackles. Monstrous Balls and Shackles, Sean.

HANNITY: Do you like that, Governor?
Obviously you've had time to look at it.. not a whole lot going on in your world these days, eh?
Kitchen table FOX gig.
Well, anyway, Governor.. what would you tweak?
This 999 plan?

PALIN: Oh yeah. I would tweak those monstrous shackled balls in order to get rid of crony capitalism!

HANNITY: Ok, Governor. One thing they certainly can do is what you've been telling us all along, Drill Baby, Drill! Drill hard, Drill now.. don't stop.. I'm...WE are almost there.. America is almost there, that is!
What do you think? Rick Santorum, at some point could break through? Rick Perry has a chance?

PALIN: Well, Newt isn't in junior high bickering. He obviously thinks Obama is a socialist. That's what he focuses on. Rick Perry is now embracing Steve Forbe's flat tax dealio.

So Sean, when I heard that! I got up still in my flimsy bathrobe, I might add, into the Garage sifting through my thousands of highly important Political books which I DO read, Sean. I found an old book from 1999 Forbes had written. I didn't even have to flip it open as I already had READ it, Sean. I knew it from cover to cover. That's the truth, Sean. So anyway, found this book.. in my garage.. bathrobe.. Newt doesn't bicker.

HANNITY: Nice! I could see you doing that. Oh I know you read, Governor.
You do a lot of things. Yes, you sure do.
But PERRY and his illegal immigration hiring that didn't happen. Your reaction?

PALIN: I love these primaries. I like watching folks duke it out. Tough, tornado's a comin' times, Sean.
And, you know Sean, it ain't Don't Spill the Beans, here, Sean..Ants in my Pants, OPERATION!
I mean we aren't tryin' to pull plastic funny bones out of a naked clown, Sean!
Here, now, and too, therefore, Sean!
When someone is beat up by the media a little bit their character shows through.

HANNITY: And no regrets on your part not jumping in?

PALIN: As sweet little Reporter Pusher Piper would say, Hell NO!
I like being able to play around and spur little fights here and there.
Those Republican Candidates are the ones who are shouldering it all.
I can stay up here in Alaska, and dig out old dusty books that I HAVE already read, Sean and just discuss things like that.

HANNITY: All right, Governor. Great to see you again as always. Thank you so much for your time and we appreciate you being with us I know you have a lot going on being responsibility free and all.. that was a joke! Kidding!

PALIN: Thank you, Sean. I'll be back. FOX loves me....


Iam Lazee
Just have to add..the Governor President Madame sure did seem to flinch when Hannity asked her that last question! She's still giving us subliminal signs, People!

Dave Zipperman
To me one thing is absolutely perfectly clear... you do need a title to change the direction and possibly the entire WORLD! Sarah, sweet delicious Sarah, as much as I lust you, you are so wrong on this one honey bunny.

The puzzling puzzle is that she knows it! She ran for Governor. She keeps talking about needing to be a top dog in order to clean up the dirt.
Reason #4 her announcement 2 weeks ago doesn't spell anything.

John Snortin'
Troll and Troll but still I'm gonna just ignore what she said.

Greg LegKiss
Do what I do and play it back again except with fingers in your ear crooning a tune. Works every time I don't like what she says. Works, really.

Snowdog warrior man
John Snortin' what else could she say? Have patience, faith, perseverance, trust.. geesh!
Remember GOD told her what to do.

Pete's PeterItches
The time is not ripe. Her legend is growing....among other personal things.

We don't know what happened behind the scenes. She has a poor defenseless, infant, special needs
vulnerable deathly ill, probably, child at home in her warm motherly arms.
The attacks and threats on Trig were heinous in fashion!

Sarah is studying hard!

TSM_A very Important Admin
Yes. Going into the garage to get Forbe's book was part of his plan! Sarah is slick!

Yes. I can see it in her eyes. Not the same mesmerizing sparkle. She's desperate to get in the game. She's an executive and has to work! Look at her sad little eyeballs!!

Philip J
I'm losing patience over all these complainers and cry babies. You all are pathetic losers. Sarah Palin, god rest her soul, did what she thought was right and true. Who are we to question? To even bitch about what she's going to do or why she's going to do what she's going to is plain stupid!

Don't even know why we have this plain stupid blog.
Since we aren't the great Sarah there's nothing really to talk about except to nod our heads and say yes.

I agree with you PeeJ. She's absolutely complex. Like in my own very personal life, I push back on
the super important development thingies I do in my very important job.
Sarah is not our Joan of Arc or Bootytang because if she was, nobody would really like that ending.

Fantastic! We need a nominee who can CLOBBER that Obama.

In my view, which matters.. this woman has her eyes fixed on one goal, Restoration!
She is privy to so much secretive information she knows what she is doing.
I watch. I wait. I'm in stand-by-mode. I will remain frozen until she unfreezes me.

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