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Governor Palin: “The Cream Of The Crop Has Not Risen Yet In This Very Fluid Primary Process

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: We have the Governor with us tonight.
As the Republican race for the White House puts candidates in heat for the all important Iowa, it's anyone's game. Governor Palin joins us to talk of these stunning developments.

Governor Palin, hello! I see you've moved from the warm Kitchen to the cozy fireplace. Still pullin' a paycheck, eh? No jealousy here! Ha Ha! So, Governor, let's talk strategy.

If you were advising Herman Cain, what would you tell him to do to win Iowa come January?


All of these candidates bring strengths.

They are all putting themselves out there in the name of service.
As for Herman Cain, it's all about the sex, Greta.

These sexual allegations he needs to get right on in there and tell the American people all the details.

Get candid about these sexual allegations.

If these harassing sexual allegations are false, well then there. He will just breathe deeply and ask himself how he can get his reputation back.

I've been there Greta. To be involved in sexual harassing situations you just get on up again and straighten the skirt or suit and make sure all the tags are facing the right direction and ask yourself, Now how do I get my reputation back?

If they are true, it just means he's not nice to women so we can uncheck him from out list, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sexual Harassment is painful.

PALIN: Well, perhaps the best strategy in this situation is just wait it out. You know my husband, Tawd has been accused of having affairs. Not one but plural, that's right Greta. Many, many, many affairs.

VAN SUSTEREN: OH-K - So Governor Mitt Romney is at 18 percent. His poll numbers don't move. Why isn't he moving in the polls?

PALIN: What Romney needs to do is reach those Tea Party conservatives. He's flipping and flopping.

He needs to do more than just talking in front of the TV.

When you consider he hasn't really gotten over that hump and has run , how many years now for President? You'd think he'd know better. But he has strengths.

He has a big family which means he has character. Character counts.

VAN SUSTEREN: So Governor, are you saying all Mitt Romney has is character?
But just today I was looking at some numbers and it seems voters are caring more about fiscal than social issues. Maybe Herman Cain isn't in such a bad position, after all.

Would you rather be explaining flip flopping or explaining sexual allegations?

PALIN: Well, Clinton did just fine despite his sexual indiscretions, Greta.

But what you are getting at, Greta, people have to explain how their solution is a proposal that gets people back work.

This election isn't about replacing Barack Obama. You know, people are out there saying ABO "Anyone But Obama" but you see, Greta, this election is more about beating Obama. It's whose agenda we are bringing into the White House, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: But didn't you..

So you raised the issue of media. Ron Paul is 19 percent. What strategy would you recommend to him?

PALIN: Ron Paul has a base of supporters.

He's got that going for him.

What he needs to do is keeping preaching to the American people.

You know, the media only gave him 89 seconds to respond to all his questions total in the last debate. I had my stop watch ready. Yes, Greta, 89 seconds.

Supporters need to be the ones to whine to the media about unfairness. That is what he needs to tell his supporters.
reach to them about whining to the media about unfairness.

VAN SUSTEREN: So Governor, Senator Santorum and Congresswoman Bachmann are very strong on social issues. Why are they polling so poorly in Iowa?

PALIN: Well, they do have those strengths. That strength being passionate and committed. Those, Greta, it's the culture of corruption and all those things that revelations are finally coming out about how it is in Congress.

The perception is they are part of what is wrong with Congress. They are being perceived, Greta, as what is wrong with Congress.

The American people need to remember they are part of Congress and all the goings on there and corruption and revelations, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: So just a quick recap.
Herman Cain doesn't need to worry about his sexual allegations because he is strong fiscally, Romney has character,
Ron Paul needs to tell his supporters to whine to the media,
and Santorum and Bachmann are linked to the corruption in Congress but they both have passion?

So Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, with his personal baggage he is beginning to feel a little heat. Governor? What would you advice him to do?

PALIN: Well, Greta, My advice to Newt and Callista is hold onto their hats. Newt knows history.

Though, mark my word, Greta, the intense media smear is going to come. He and Callista need to be prepared, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: ..and Newt knows history.
I'm curious, Governor, in your choice as to who you endorse, do you endorse someone who can beat Obama or someone who's views are in line with your own?

PALIN: Well, share my own views, of course.

The cream of the crop has not yet risen in this watery primary process, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: So it's not Anyone But Obama? ..

so anyway, NOW one last question on strategy. Rick Santorum does not believe the Penn State University Football Team should play in the bowl game.

Your thoughts, Governor?

PALIN: Just hang 'em high, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: I assume, Governor, you don't want to hang him by a tree but rather you want the criminal process?

PALIN: No, I mean yes, hang him by a tree. I got rope.
But see if he is guilty of what is alleged. The fullest extent of the law, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Good just wanted to clarify because I know everyone's going to jump all over us if you didn't also say he needed to go through the media system.

PALIN: Sure.

VAN SUSTEREN: That's the way it's going to be interpreted. Good night Governor.

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