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Governor Palin Will Be Speaking with Hannity Tonight/Open Thread

Posted on December 01 2011 - 7:39 PM - Posted by: Mary Beth in Da House
What's going on tonight?

Ready for that Earthquake 2012? I know I am!

The Governor Madame talks to Hannity.
She's wearing red, which means stop, not running but it looks like she's not wearing anything underneath which means it is just a coat or robe or probably Bristol's and not really an outfit with a message for us.
Watch and let us know what you think!

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: The Battle Hymn of the Republic is heating up, folks. Former House Speaker declared he is more conservative than Romney. Polls show Gingrich at the top followed by Romney followed by Herman Cain and Ron Paul.
With me tonight is The Governor, former governor of Alaska and contributor to Fox with her analysis. Please welcome Sarah Palin.

Governor, hello! How are you tonight? See a roaring fire back there, uh huh, getting cold up there in Alaska? I'd like to see your chest nuts..err Chestnuts roasting?

SARAH PALIN, FORMER GOVERNOR OF ALASKA: Hello, Sean. Oh I'm doing great! Sure is getting cold and is so beautiful.

HANNITY: Yes just Beautiful you are. How cold is it up there now? A bit nipply...? Time to bring out the fuzzy wear, I see?

PALIN: Oh, it's warm here today, Sean. This old thing? Haw Haw. You should see what I wear when it's really cold. So much to do outside, Sean. So much outdoor fresh Alaskan air get down and really work hard on this rugged terrain. Lots to do outside today even though it's now pitch black and almost time for bed.. haw! Yes just absolutely gorgeous.

HANNITY: Wow. So that's warm Alaskan winter wear. I guess you'll be taking it off when it gets really cold. Just fascinating, Governor.

SARAH PALIN, FORMER GOVERNOR OF ALASKA: Haw! I sure will, Sean. With having all these kids around I am always changing clothes. You know this comes right on off with one quick swipe! Gotta do it for the kids, you know, Sean.

HANNITY: Yes. Yes so All right. On the topic of sexual innuendo, I hope you were listening to Herman Cain? He is facing all these issues of sexual harassment and then this most recent charge. But before that, Governor, he was called all sorts of names.

As the very Conservative, moral woman you are... Why is - why do we live now at a time in political correctness you can say anything you want and nobody seems to care?

PALIN: Yes, yes, isn't that something? Well, we need to not be afraid of being a racist just because we call out, say Obama and his socialist agenda and terrorist associates on his past record proving he would seek to transform America with socialism and terrorist friends, Sean. We need not...

Name calling and yes spot on about hypocrisy and double standards thrown at you.

And you know Obama....But in those regards to Herman Cain and what he is going through now, Sean.

I'll tell you in those voters' books, including my little black voters' book characters count. It's not the number of characters but the character of those characters, Sean.

If Herman Cain did not engage in this very recent 13 year affair that he did do or if he did not do it, Sean..out there screwing, screwing around on his wife and giving money to some BROAD some woman all on the side unbeknownst to his wife, Sean then if he did not do its that false accuser is despicable with those sorts of false accusations causing besmirchment and ruined behavioral ruinenness and besmirches, Sean.


HANNITY: Woah! Larger than life!....

PALIN: So if he did do it, though, Sean in this very recent affair with this broad, Sean then boys will be boys. Men do that sort of thing. They just shouldn't be running the country. I mean Todd and his accusers accuse but he's not trying to run the country. Obama is running the country but didn't have these accusations but if he did have these, these sorts of sexual pasts that we all have Sean...

But it's going to be a refreshing crisp breath of air when the facts come out about this despicable besmirching broad and judgements can be made so we can talk about what really matters.


PALIN: And that is the reform we need in Congress and the White House, Sean.

HANNITY: Well, had the media only of scrutinized Obama in 2008, you gotta wonder if there might not of been a different outcome. Who knows what he has in his past. Boys will be Boys, like you said. And I'm a boy, a Big Boy. But Herman Cain can disprove these allegations, no?

PALIN: Yes, I sympathize with Herman Cain. As you suggested, I've been through these scathing sexual perverted ways too as has Todd, too.

I've had people swear on the Bible, Sean. Bringing God into these sexual misdeeds, Sean. Saying Todd or I have had affairs, numerous affairs. Specifically a masseuse who massages.. probably with those you know, type endings Sean. Those type of massages for that sort of outcome, Sean. So Ms. Happy endings massaged me. I was naked Sean and pregnant but she said I wasn't pregnant. That's where all those rumors of Trig not being my own child came from, Sean. A happy ending massage BROAD massaged me naked and then made these allegations which I am still having to defend .. even today. Ruining my family, my marriage, my record as Governor.

HANNITY: So the allegations from the massuese weren't towards Todd? I thought I remember the story of Hookers....

PALIN: --No, Sean. It was all about her massaging me naked and looking at my stomach to see if Trig was in there. We aren't talking about Todd and affairs now. It's the Trig Truthers who ruined my record as Governor and destroyed my family.

But if Herman Cain did engage in these acts of sexual deeds then he is misleading the public American people. These besmirching improprieties, Sean.

HANNITY: You know, Governor, I've spent a lot of time around Herman Cain and it would just be shocking to me and out of character for him to have engaged in these sort of acts with women. He never hit on me! He never asked if I wanted money or to have an affair. All of this can be easily disproved, I would think? Maybe I'm....

SARAH PALIN, FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: Exactly, Sean. Herman Cain never acted inappropriately around me, either. There beside him head to head about real issues facing our nation..his wife Gloria home and far out of the picture. I get silly, he gets silly. The opportunity is there Sean, has been there... lots of issues and opportunity for misconduct.

But in this day and age he really is guilty until proven innocent.

He is going to have to prove he did not have this allegating affair with this broad. He needs to prove it or make her prove it. Boys will be boys but they have to be proven, Sean.

Otherwise this is a distraction, Sean and supporters back off, right? The money starts to dry up, shrivel and decay and Herman won't have a heck of a chance to progress anymore and will have to call it all off. Show up on a show like your's Sean or a radio program like the small one in Alaska and say I need to step down, I need to deal with sexually perverted allegations and Happy ending naked massagers with Todd and Hookers and that Trig was not in that naked oiled up body while I laid there helpless on the table, Sean. Allegations need to be directed towards Obama and his affiliates. I'm sure Michelle wishes someone would dig a little into his background.

HANNITY: Well, thank you Governor and I see you have your Christmas tree up.

SARAH PALIN, FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: Ha ha yes! It's a small one so Trig can reach up with his pudgy little awkward hands and put up the ornaments we baked today. I'll be bending over that tree, on all fours most of the time cheering him on!

Good night, Sean. Gotta get outside there with all that work to do!


**Due to the graphic nature of discussions focusing primarily on Madame President Governor's unclothed oil massage has shut down commenting for the time being. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

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