Friday, December 9, 2011

In case you missed it, Governor Palin of Alaska's North Star rose to the occasion and cleared her busy schedule for a sit down with Sean Hannity.

Don't tell me that fire in her belly hasn't reached epic proportions! Just look at the flames in her fireplace!

She acknowledges these interviews are done in front of her very own family Christmas tree which just has one ornament. She's humble folks!
The fire was made by Todd earlier today.
She didn't mention it but I'm sure he cut the wood himself. He wanted to make sure she was warm for her interview.
He takes care of his woman!

Basically Barrack Hussein Obama is a socialist and is bankrupting America and she's not ready to endorse any of the current GOP candidates because she doesn't know where each one stands.


::::Earthquake 2012:: Viva Sarah! Barracudas forever! Lipstick Rules! Obama is a Dictator!

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And tonight, things are trending in the "right" directions for our Republican Presidential Contenders.
A brand new poll shows any Generic GOP challenger would easily beat Obama.

Joining me from the great state of Alaska with reaction to these latest developments, our very own sporatic Fox News contributor, the great Governor Sarah Palin. How are you?

SARAH PALIN, FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: Just Great, Sean. Thanks!!. {hiccup}

HANNITY: I know you are not one for polls. You had likened them to ..what was it erotic dancer poles? You are not for sale like some prostitute? These are your words Governor.. but this poll is historic!

PALIN: Well, Sean, you know what they say.. seen one stripper pole you've seen them all.. but no really, Sean, I am very aroused by these poll numbers.

Too bad we don't have some dude running named "Geriatric GOP candidate" ..whoops! We did! Haw Haw.. but no, really, Sean.

We will have to be specific and chose that candidate that rises to the top.. climbs all the way up no matter how slick or oiled up that pole may be. They grunt and moan and climb, Sean... with all they've got and there faces Obama and says..Even Jane the Stripper can beat you!  It takes a that special someone to be able to eat a corndog, Sean.

And..Obama is a socialist bankrupting America.

HANNITY: And do you buy that Jay Carney is saying the White House is not very focused on this race?

PALIN: Well, Sean. No I do not. You know, there are a lot of Republicans living free of charge, rent free.. skirting through life having money just handed for them while they don't have to lift a finger.

Well, these Republicans do have to show face but know, Sean we need to pressure these free of charge living Republicans to talk about the changes needed to reform our Country.

It's reform Sean and those small pockets of America that know true freedom.. and appreciate our Freedoms, Sean. And Obama is a socialist, Sean and he's bankrupting America while these Republicans live free of charge under his watch.
He wants Americans to suffer and be jobless, Sean and mortgage crisis.
This is what "Barack" represents.
He enjoys the suffering, Sean. He needs to tell us what he really means. What he intends to do.
Crony Capitalism, Sean.

HANNITY: People ignored the warning signs during the election 2008. Absolutely obsessed with class warfare. Is that what you saw, Governor?

PALIN: I did, Sean and rang that warning bell.
You can't divide America, Sean.
You can't say this part of America is better than that part.
You know, Sean, I rang that warning bell and brought forth the truth about small town America.
I still believe it is the heartbeat.. the beat of America's heart, Sean that makes America great and strong and true.
It's the media that is out to destroy, Sean.
Late night talk show hosts and even News anchors, Sean.
Katie Couric still hasn't stood trial, the people's trial, Sean.
The Internet is to be feared, as well, Sean you know bloggers who can't make it out of their parents basements? Spreading lies and ruining my honorable record Sean.

Attacking little Trig! My gosh! What did he ever do? Even a massager here in Alaska hates him, Sean!

But you see Obama and his socialist agenda is out to divide America and you can't do that ..Americans are suffering, Sean.

HANNITY: Speaking of that, the President's civility excoriated conservatives including yourself.

PALIN: I'm sorry.. having trouble hear'in ya! exchoreographing?
What did I do?

HANNITY: The president's civility -- because he's often excoriated conservatives, including yourself.

Remember the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Gifford? Our President lead the cause that all Republicans had to fend for themselves, even those with Down Syndrome? All because you drew a few elementary school type lines on a political map?

PALIN: Yes, Sean.
You just gave me more examples of Obama's HOGWASH for me to write down and really seethe over. He spews rhetoric, Sean!
He says stuff but doesn't mean it. I call that a liar, Sean.
He goes on and on and on about this and that and what he is going to do or want to see done.. but you know, Sean?
Have we seen him anywhere but in front of a News Camera?
He may pen a few things on FaceBook? What has he done?
Must be nice sitting in that Oval Office with no responsibilities, in front of an open roaring fire, fancying all up probably with a Christmas prop in the background do what? speak rhetoric?
Our President is HOGWASH!

Oh, and he's headed for a luxurious Hawaii mulit-day get away while America is suffering.
Who does he think he is?

I havent worked for maybe a year or three but I've tirelessly sat in front of a News Camera and pegged out FaceBook posts to save these suffering Americans, Sean.
I get hate letters asking why I don't spend millions and billions of dollars to help the special needs initiatives or those facing whether or not to offer life to the deformed child in their womb.
.. those sorts of things, Sean.
But what people dont realize is I am stepping up to the plate, passing the ball, making it to the finish line running that race through blood and tears, Sean.   Even Piper suffers.

HANNITY: I know Governor. You are one to sacrifice.

I did mean to mention that fire looks amazing, Governor.
You have a regular inferno burning there! Ha ha!
I swear I've seen it repeat itself but the trick of the camera I'm sure but
..whoa! there it goes again.....

PALIN: -- oh Todd built it for me earlier to keep me warm and toasty!
 Ha! Yes it is nice.
Spent the whole day baking little ornaments that look like Trig and
Piper and I roasted marshmallows earlier.
My kids are so glad mama grizz.. only has to get on Fox News and say a few words every couple of weeks.
We are fortunate no one in this family has to work.
I do whatever the Halibut I want!
.. I feel like I'm retired!

HANNITY: Yes.. you look lovely.. err.. just lovely.
So Obama and his loafing around while America suffers...

PALIN: Yes Sean, that's right. He has plenty of words but no action.
He just holes up in the Oval Office like he's retired.
He's a phoney, Sean. A big phoney.
Bankrupting America with his Socialistic misdeeds, Sean.

HANNITY: Ok.. we have to say something when Obama says he wants kids with Down Syndrome to fend for themselves.
Isn't that dishonest? Untrue? A lie?

So earlier you mentioned you want a candidate with passion. Who are you going to endorse to fight against these serious scurrilous charges to save America?

PALIN: Yes, Sean they do need to scurry in a hurry.. and be ready to charge Bankrupting Barack. Tortuous times, Sean.
We have a President taking 17 days off who wishes to see Americans suffer and those with Downs Syndrome to fend for themselves... yes Barack must go, Sean.

HANNITY: who would you endorse?

PALIN: Yes, well, I need to know who these GOP candidates really are. I mean Ron Paul?
Who is he? Michele Bachmann? What does she stand for.
I did, yes, endorse her at one time and I know her record.
But, Sean remember it's a process, Sean.
We need a candidate who will go up against Barack Obama.

HANNITY: We have Newt as the forerunner followed by Mitt Romney.
Would you support either of these two candidates, Governor?

PALIN: Barack Obama is bankrupting America with his socialistic agenda misdeeds, Sean.
I would support anyone who could stand up to him.
. you know climb to the top .. be a Jane the Stripper, Donna the dancer,
Trippy the Massager..
anyone Sean, any strong viable candidate with a solid record, Sean.

HANNITY: So your Christmas tree looks a little bare.
I'm sure its your family Christmas Tree.
Alaskans are so humble. That's why we love your family.
Its not about the ornaments or the flashy tree its about the spirit of the holiday.
God bless you Governor.

PALIN: Thank you so much, Sean.{hiccup}

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