Friday, May 11, 2012

Sarah Palin's EXTREME Hollywood Support! Party like a Glacier Star!

guest post by: Palintoes

Greetings Fellow Barbaric Barbarians!
We fight on!
Relentless Reform - HOORah!
What's going on today?
So, sitting here thinking about our Queen and her next strategic move, I was privy to the most interesting tweet:
While partied with Hypocrites; was speaking on geopolitical events & macro economic trends
That's right, folks, our "President" Hussein Obama is out partying with the Hollywood Elite.
Bet there are some slight, petite, Hollywood Starlets in that mix.
That man makes me gag!
Then I thought, since we are talking "Hollywood" and that influence cannot be mistaken, what about the Guv's extreme Hollywood following?
She's adored and then some by these Hollywood big wigs.
Think of what HER party would be like?  Ain't seen nothin' yet!
Here's the run down of die hard fans of Camp Wasilla. 
Now THAT would be a party!

Now, if you haven't already, boycott the following with a VENGENCE!
Throw out those movies, cds, polaroids, memorabilia!
These folks back the current POTUS and HATE our Guv!
Look at this measly group of pathetic Hollywood wannabe's supporting the "Prez"
Sad and Pathetic!
(click to enlarge - feel FREE to turn into Crosshairs maps! I know I am!)

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