Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Life's a Tripp" Ep 5&6

What's going on this evening?
Here is the next installment of Bristol's show.
Sarah posted that we need to watch it on her Facebook page.
Please enjoy.

Hello everybody.  I'm Bristol.
This is my show.

Here are the pages in the Book of Bristol.

Pages and Pages of Me.

We are going to Washington.

Willow and I hang out.

She's Snookie.

I'm JWoww.

I ask her what to pack.

"Willow, what should I pack?"

"I thought we were going to just buy our 
clothes when we got there?"


Washington is full of angry liberals.

We are mobbed by the crowd.

We were not safe.  
Everyone knows I am famous.  
They wanted my autograph.

Nancy French is taking me to my book signing.

We wait for her in our hotel room.

"You are so famous, Bristol"


"Let's go sign some books!"

We go to sign my books.

Outside we meet one of my mom's fans.

There were so many people waiting for me.

I have so many fans.

My mom is giving a speech for CPAC.

Everyone wanted my autograph.

"No, you can't have my autograph."

I was surprised to see so many 
young people supporting my Mom.

She gets heckled.

He's probably gay.

She can save America.

Everyone wanted my autograph.

Willow and I decide to throw my mom a party
 in our hotel room.

I sign her card.

She is so surprised.

My mom is very fit.
She has to watch her weight.

We all pretend to eat cake and we bond.

My mom is so strong.

Gino is my boyfriend.
He takes care of Tripp while I'm in Washington.

Tripp has discipline issues.
"I want to ride it by myself."

We think it is good for Tripp to call Gino Daddy.
It will help his discipline issues.


We go back to Alaska.
Tripp has discipline issues.

We talk about all the bad things he does.

He throws things.

He opens drawers.

"No!  Why do you misbehave?"

"You need to behave."

I make him sit on the couch.

He is still acting up.

"You are going to time out!"

Willow and I go shopping.

"Tripp has discipline issues."

"He won't behave."

"Oh my God! They have gauchos!"

"He has discipline issues."

"Are you even listening to me?"

"It's all Levi's fault."

"Just stick him in time out more."


Gino takes me and Tripp  birthday shopping for my Mom.
We are hoping this will calm him down.
We are getting her a gun.

"Yeah, .. uh I'm looking for a gun."

"Got one that'll suit a little lady?"


"Look at all the guns, Tripp!" 
"We are getting a gun for Grandma so she can kill things."

"Isn't this a happy place!"

I go to the store with Piper.

We are making a cake for my Mom.

Tripp starts to acts up.

He has discipline issues.

"Why don't you behave?"

"Get in the cart."

"You need to be good."

He ruins everything.

Willow and I make the cake.

Tripp acts up..

He hits me.

 He has discipline issues.

He is ruins everything.


We get our picture taken 
for my Mom's birthday party.

This is Kendra.  She's a photographer.

Tripp acts up.

He has discipline issues.

It's finally time for my Mom's big party.

We go to my Grandparent's house 
where everyone is waiting.

We bring the cake.

Gino blows up the balloons.

We hang my Mom's photo 
next to Grandpa's dead things.

Everything is just perfect.

Tripp acts up.

He attacks Piper.

Gino handles him.

"He just needs to be manhandled
.. that's all."

Everyone is so excited.  
My Mom should be here soon.

She's surprised.

"Look at your cake."

She loves the gun.

  She tries to hold Trig.  
He won't let her.

Track's new baby 
won't let her either.

We all go home.

I put Tripp to bed.


  1. I know you watched without sound, but to be fair, Gino said he isn't selfish and doesn't want Tripp to call him dad. At the end of the episode, Bristol and Tripp refer to him as Gino.

  2. Btw, she holds Trig in a previous frame.

    1. Yeah, the frame before THAT, Molly was holding Trig -- she probably said to Sarah, "it wouldn't look right if you walked right past the kid and ignored, hold him for the camera."

  3. What's up with all those GINORMOUS bobble-heads on all three girls??? It's as if all that notoriety has LITERALLY gone to their heads and has inflated them...

  4. I hate to bring this up (actually, no I don't) but Piper really doesn't look like her sisters. At all.

    What's up with that?

  5. Bad Tripp...bad.bad.bad! Bristol is such a wise, wonderful intelligent and talented mom who has so much empathy and understanding...probably just like her own mother was with her...
    (excuse me, I suddenly fill ill)

  6. She looks stoned in those blue shirt photos. It really sounds like Tripp badly needs his dad before it's too late. Apparently, Trig is the only one who is honest in his opinions. Sarah can't fake that away.

  7. Tripp didn't just come up with "daddy" for Gino out of the blue. He got it from "somewhere".
    Of course, on the show in front of the cameras Gino/Bristol would counteract it.

  8. Why do the Palins go gun-shopping on every show they appear on? Don't they already have guns? How many guns do they need? Or do they constantly lose or destroy their guns? You'd think as the gun advocates they claim to be, that they'd already have all the guns they need, secure them properly, and take care of them, but I guess maybe they don't.

  9. Just a couple words of advice for the Palin girls: Willow, I understand you want to go to "hair school" because you applied and got accepted. Hint--EVERYONE gets accepted as long as you fork over the $$ for tuition. If you're responsible for these styles we're seeing, get to school now before you do further damage. You're definitely not naturally inclined to be a hair stylist. Piper looks like...I can't find the words to describe her, it's that bad. She's 12 years old, let her be a kid, not another mini-Sarah. One of your mother is one too many.

    Bristol, get down on your son's level, talk with him, NOT AT HIM! He's about 4 years old now and doesn't understand why you're such a fucking bitch about your life. You've got it so easy compared to 99% of all single mothers and yet you complain as if your life is so tough. Get a clue, if you don't like the cameras, don't do TV shows, don't have a blog written in your name that purposely seeks attention by speaking on controversial subjects that you could never speak on if a microphone was put in front of you and you were given the opportunity. You're repeating your mother's talking points. People dislike her because she's a nasty, shallow bitch, not because they're jealous (LOL...we've seen Todd, believe me, we're NOT jealous) and they don't laugh at what she says because she's intelligent (got it? you sound far more stupid just repeating her TP's because you're clueless, too)

    A gun for her birthday? Surely by this time, Sarah has dozens of handguns and rifles considering she's been shooting since she was a little girl. Right? Wrong. We've seen her attempts at pretending she knows what she's doing, she's had a few lessons, nothing more or she wouldn't have been tossing a rifle around with her finger on the trigger, something only a novice would do. Guns are serious weapons, the fact that it's pink allows idiots like you to think it's cute or it's pretty when despite its color, it will still blow a hole through someone. I hope that you're intelligent enough to have a gun cabinet but hearing that your own mother kept a rifle under her bed doesn't exactly lead to confidence in you being raised in how to keep firearms under lock & key, out of the way of curious little hands.

    One last thing, it's not that important but I'd give up the baking if I were you. That cake looks like a child made it, stick to bakery-bought. At least you can blame it on someone else if it doesn't taste or look good.

  10. The whole S.P. "family" is one big fake fabrication.
    Their desperate attempt to shove this fabrication into the public eye via blogs, fb, tweets,...the "family vacation" bus tour political stunt.. and now this unreality show doesn't hold water.
    When something is based on lies.. the "holes" are glaring.

  11. Great blog!! loved going through:):)